Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

Mirae Asset Private Equity aims to uncover and create value by identifying growth-oriented companies and pursuing capital appreciation.

We focus on gaining exposure to quality private market opportunities through meticulous due diligence and risk analysis process, as well as growing the businesses of our portfolio companies to enhance their performance and attain long-term growth. 

Sourcing and Research Strength

Focused on sector-based, theme-driven deal origination, our investment specialists identify high-growth targets with competitive landscape and strong financial fundamentals for value creation. Our holistic approaches and unique strategies are founded by our investment professionals with solid experience and strong industry knowledge, facilitating the identification and selection of private opportunities and deal sourcing.

Extensive Network and Partnership

Our experienced team has built valuable and long-term relationships with many of the most competent and talented business partners and companies, enabling us to cultivate trustworthy multilateral partnerships, source high-quality, and proprietary investment opportunities as well as construct compelling portfolios for our investors. Our global access combined with the local connections is a key advantage of working with us.

Portfolio Value Creation

We strive to foster value-creation by developing strategic roadmap through tactical initiatives, restructuring, cost-reduction measures, and transformative acquisitions. Our in-depth knowledge and industry experience, combined with the insights and expertise from our multi-lateral business partners is the key to generating value, capturing the pricing opportunities for the portfolio companies.

Sectors that we focus on

Our private equity team seeks to deliver and enhance the values of our portfolio companies through bottom-up transformation. The strategic forethought and broad perspective of our investment professionals provide perceptive guidance at every step of the way, committed to achieving the long-term outcomes for our businesses and our investors. 


Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and robotics are transforming companies’ abilities to meet clients’ needs by boosting the productivities, reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and expanding reach.

We believe the rising technological prowess will drive to the future digital economic trend.

Consumption Upgrade 

Driven by the macroeconomic shift, rising of the consumer class, and changing demographics, the evolution of behavior change by generation writes the next chapter of its remarkable consumption story.

Our strategy aims to pave the way for the next era of consumption trends and business model transformation.

Biotechnology and
Digital Healthcare

Gaining exposure to early-stage biotech innovation, we focus on premium markets that have emerged through technology development, taking advantage of the innovative opportunity.

Backed by the development of the industry, structural and regulatory tailwinds, biotechnology, and digital healthcare offer you early opportunities to capitalize on the disruptive trends.

Our Advantage

At Mirae Asset, we focus on growth-oriented businesses across the globe. Our investment team works to identify, invest in, and unlock the value of portfolio companies. 

Our investment professionals’ ability in deal origination, disciplined due diligence execution and proactive post-deal management allows us to generate attractive, long-term value for our clients. 

At Mirae Asset, we offer a range of private debt investment opportunities to help our clients diversify their portfolios with investments that lie outside the traditional asset classes of stocks, bonds, and cash.

Extensive Sourcing Experience

Our experienced team leverages its long-term relationships with borrowers, advisors, consultants, and banks throughout the Asia Pacific region to source opportunities in secured direct lending, real estate financing, and structured lending. The team’s hands-on approach builds valuable and strong relationships, leading to repeat investments with existing sponsors or borrowers.

Comprehensive Screening Process

During the initial screening process, we follow a comprehensive due diligence review and a rigorous financial analysis. This process identifies business model, growth opportunities, key business challenges and financial risks, enabling us to execute our financing strategy consistently and utilize resources to support the portfolio company’s development.

Dynamic Risk Management

Our sophisticated risk teams develop a comprehensive risk management framework to continuously monitor our portfolio for market risk, liquidity risk, and cash flow risk, allowing us to accurately quantify and manage the risks of the portfolio, taking a lead role in any necessary restructurings.

Investment Spotlight

Our private debt investment professionals consider the business model of every company and assess the credit quality of every asset from multiple angles. They draw on the robust research and comprehensive risk management that has made us a reliable partner for sponsors and borrowers that need access to capital.

Private Debt Fund 

Opportunities to participate in privately negotiated secured debt financings across Asia Pacific have become more numerous as increasing demand for high-quality credit and a shrinking supply of capital have created funding imbalances.

This fund takes advantage of the situation by targeting secured direct lending, real estate financing and structured financing deals across the region, with a bias toward developed markets.

Our Advantage

Secured direct lending, real estate financing, and structured financing are a key focus at Mirae Asset across the Asia Pacific region. Our investment team has demonstrated its ability to source, negotiate, structure, execute and monitor complex financing deals.  

Our team shares a range of complementary skill sets and work experience across multiple industry sectors. This experience provides a solid foundation of business, legal, regulatory, and cultural knowledge that allows us to navigate a highly fragmented investment landscape in search of high-quality investments that offer attractive, long-term risk-adjusted returns for our clients.