Traditional Investments

Traditional Investments

At Mirae Asset, we seek to deliver alpha by bottom-up fundamental research. We focus on gaining deep understanding of individual stocks and sectors, building high-conviction portfolios that offer investors access to our best ideas. 

Bottom-up Fundamental Analysis

We believe companies with sustainable competitive advantages are well-positioned to deliver long-term growth through different economic cycles. Our bottom-up research approach identifies companies with stable cash flows and robust earnings growth at reasonable valuations.

On-the-ground Research

Our on-the-ground research teams provide qualitative and quantitative analysis on the company and industry levels, developing an in-depth understanding of business models and finances, management quality, competitive dynamics and ultimately the key growth drivers.

Collaborative, Team-based Approach

We manage our equity strategies using a collaborative, team-based decision-making process. This approach allows fostering open and insightful communication and debate across the wider team, ensuring the best ideas implemented into the portfolios.

Investment Spotlight

Our strategies provide investors a variety of offerings focused on achieving long-term growth through emerging markets, Asian and global equities.

Mirae Asset Asia Great
Consumer Equity Fund

The fund seeks to capitalize on the growth in middle-class consumption across Asia, focusing on high-quality companies with solid long-term growth prospects.

Mirae Asset India Sector
Leader Equity Fund

The fund seeks reliable risk-adjusted returns by targeting emerging leaders in a variety of Indian industry sectors.

Mirae Asset GEM Sector
Leader Equity Fund

The fund leverages our team’s global knowledge to take advantage of high-earning, sector-leading companies on a variety of international exchanges.

Our Advantage

Our collaborative, team-based approach involves the entire Asian network of Mirae Asset Global Investments Group, which meets regularly to share information and investment ideas.

Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited serves as the Group’s main investment and distribution hub for the entire Asia Pacific region. Our team in Hong Kong includes more than 50 employees across seven main business units. The team includes experienced individuals across multiple areas, including dedicated investment and risk management professionals, bringing a wide array of skills to bear on our collaborative process.

At Mirae Asset, our fixed income strategies deliver a combination of sustainable income and growth potential. Our disciplined, research-driven and team-based approach ensures investment consistency and allows us to target reliable outcomes for clients.

Global Network

Our investment professionals collaborate across the globe to uncover credit opportunities, generate stable returns and preserve your investments. Our in-depth knowledge and experience enables us to build a range of solutions – from global unconstrained to emerging market strategies – to meet investors’ objectives and requirements.

Proprietary Investment Approach

Our fixed income strategies are managed within a disciplined risk management framework through global macro analysis, rigorous risk analysis, and systematic risk budgeting. Our proprietary investment approach allows our portfolios to deliver diversification, stable income and capital preservation for investors.

Diversity of Expertise

The multi-disciplinary approach combines the knowledge of portfolio managers, credit analysts, and global macroeconomic strategists. This collaborative input strengthens our disciplined investment process and extensive on-the-ground research capability, ensuring only the best investment ideas make into the portfolios.

Investment Spotlight

Building on our framework, we provide investors a variety of  offerings featuring global unconstrained and emerging market strategies.

Global Dynamic Bond Strategy

This benchmark-agnostic strategy seeks to capture global opportunities through dynamic allocation and unconstrained investment approach.

Combining our team’s unique expertise with this approach allows us to invest across the full spectrum of countries, sectors and investment grades.

Our Advantage

We manage our fixed income strategies within a disciplined process and systematic framework. These tools allow us to focus on stable performance, low volatility and diligent risk management in service of our clients’ investment objectives. 

Our on-the-ground investment team of 27 fixed income investment professionals located in four countries around the world work collaboratively in managing our fixed income capabilities.