ESG Commitment


At Mirae Asset, we practice full ESG integration through a two-pronged approach: actively investing in ESG themes and conducting ESG screening and engagement for our portfolios.

Through actively investing in ESG themes, we direct capital to companies that positively impact the environment and society. Through conducting ESG screening and engagement, we adapt our portfolios to be more ESG friendly by restraining from investing in sectors of negative ESG impacts but also encourage ESG poor companies to improve for long-term business resilience and value creation.


Our Policies and Reports

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are embedded in our investment processes not only for stocks recommendation but also for our role as active owners. We have established principles and processes on how we vote and engage with investee companies to exercise our fiduciary duties as investors. Moreover ESG considerations is also an integral part of how we operate and value our employees as a company. More information on our Policies:

We strive to enhance the quality and transparency of our ESG disclosures to best communicate our ESG efforts to our clients. We monitor our progress on ESG integration as well as stewardship activities regularly. ESG engagement updates are provided to our clients on an annual basis. More information on our Reports: