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Mirae Asset China Growth Equity Fund


Investors should not base on this document alone to make investment decision. Please refer to the Hong Kong offering documents for details including the product features and the risk factors. Investment involves risks. There is no guarantee of the repayment of principal. Before you decide to invest, you should make sure the intermediary has explained to you that the Fund is suitable to you. Investor should note:
Mirae Asset China Growth Equity Fund (“the Fund”) investing primarily in equities and equity related securities of China companies which have strong prospects for future growth from the view of the Principal Investment Manager.
Investment in China carries higher risks than investment in a developed market and can be significantly affected by general economic and political conditions and changes in government policy in China. The investment may also be sensitive to regulatory developments, tax law and practice in China and fluctuations in the rate of exchange of Renminbi.
The Fund invests mainly in China, its investment is not as diversified as regional funds or global funds, the Fund is more volatile than regional funds or global funds and its portfolio value can be exposed to country specific risks.
The stock of small-capitalisation / mid-capitalisation companies may have lower liquidity and their prices are more volatile to adverse economic developments than those of larger capitalisation companies in general.
The expected maximum level of leverage arising from the use of financial derivative instruments calculated using the commitment approach is 100% of the sub-fund’s NAV.

Fund Objective

The primary objective of Mirae Asset China Growth Equity Fund is to achieve long term growth in the share price through capital appreciation, measured in US Dollars, of the underlying equity portfolio. The Principal Investment Manager will seek to achieve the objective of the Sub-Fund by investing mainly in equities and equity-related securities of China companies, including but not limited to companies which are engaged in consumer, health care, and e-commerce related industries, which have strong prospects for growth.

Key Features

Flexible Approach

Aim to invest in the most attractive stocks across different exchanges including mainland China, Hong Kong and US.

Long-term Investment Perspective

The portfolio is constructed with a long term investment horizon of 3-5 years.

High Conviction

Benchmark agnostic and concentrated portfolio; approximately 40-45 stocks.

Fund Prices

As of 28/06/2022
Total Fund Size (USD million)117.18
Net Asset Value per Share (USD)14.91
Daily Change (%)0.68%

Peformance Chart


Fund NAVBenchmark
1 Month17.59%13.19%
3 Months8.36%5.19%
6 Months-13.57%-10.41%
1 Year-32.59%-25.33%
3 Years23.22%7.98%
5 Years--
Since Inception49.10%7.46%

Calendar Year Return %

Fund NAVBenchmark

Where no past performance is shown there was insufficient data available to provide performance.


As of 31/05/2022
Hong Kong2.8%0.0%
Compositions are subject to change.
NameFund (%)
Tencent Holdings Ltd.6.4%
LONGi Green Energy Technology Co Ltd Class A5%
Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. Class A4.3%
Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd. Class A4.1%
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.3.8%
Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. Class A3.8%
Chinasoft International Ltd.3.7%
BYD Company Limited Class H3.4%
Wuxi Biologics (Cayman) Inc.3.3%
Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd.3.2%
Holdings are subject to change.

Fund Managers

Lead Portfolio Manager

Phil S. LEE

Head of AP Research

Co-Portfolio Manager

Rahul Chadha

Chief Investment Officer

Key Facts

BenchmarkMSCI China All Shares Index
Fund StructureLuxembourg SICAV with an UCITS status
Morningstar Category TMChina Equity
ISIN CodeLU1206782309
Bloomberg TickerMCGREAU LX
Currency of the Share ClassUSD
Other Dealing CurrenciesEUR
Fund Launch Date23/03/2015
Share Class Launch Date31/08/2017

Subscription Details

Management Fee1.5% p.a.
Min Initial InvestmentUSD 2,500
Min Subsequent InvestmentNone

Source: FactSet, Bloomberg and Mirae Asset Global Investment (Hong Kong) Limited.

All performance numbers are net of fees, NAV to NAV, in USD, and with dividends reinvested.

Fund: The fund inception date was on 23 March 2015 whilst Class A (USD) was launched on 31 August 2017.

The calendar year return % show by how much the Fund increased or decreased in value during the calendar year being shown. Where no past performance is shown there was insufficient data available in that year to provide performance.

Benchmark: MSCI China All Shares Index. The benchmark is a gross return index that includes reinvestment of dividends/income.

Prior to 10 August 2020, the benchmark was MSCI China 10/40 Index.

Source and Copyright: Citywire. Phil S. LEE is [AA ] rated by Citywire for his/her rolling 3 year risk-adjusted performance, for the period June 2019 to June 2022.

Certain information contained in this page is compiled from third party sources. Whilst Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited (“Mirae Asset HK”) has, to the best of its endeavor, ensured that such information is accurate, complete and up-to-date, and has taken care in accurately reproducing the information, it shall have no responsibility or liability what so ever for the accuracy of such information or any use or reliance thereof. Mirae Asset HK accepts no liability for any loss or damage of any kind resulting out of the unauthorised use of this page. The information contained in this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute any recommendation, offer or solicitation to buy, sell or subscribe to any securities or financial instruments in any jurisdiction.

Mirae Asset China Growth Equity Fund is a sub fund of Mirae Asset Global Discovery Fund (Company), a Luxembourg SICAV. Investment involves risk. It cannot be guaranteed that the performance of the Fund will generate a return and there may be circumstances where no return is generated or the amount invested is lost. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Before making any investment decision to invest in the Fund, investors should read the Prospectus and the Information for Hong Kong Investors for details and the risk factors. Investors should ensure they fully understand the risks associated with the Fund and should also consider their own investment objective and risk tolerance level. Investors are advised to seek independent professional advice before making any investments. References to particular sectors, securities or companies are for general information and illustrative purposes only and are not recommendations to buy or sell a security or an indication of Mirae Asset HK’s holdings at any one time.

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